Kinondo Retreat's Customer Comments

Jane and Roy Withington March 2009

We returned on Thursday from one of your holidays in Kenya, staying at the Kinondo Retreat, south of Mombasa, and spending 3 nights on a pre-booked [with you] safari in East and West Tsavo plus a private lodge.

We have already completed and returned a questionnaire, but decided that we should also contact you to say how much we enjoyed these two weeks.

We are compulsive travellers - now that we are both retired we spend about 6 months of the year travelling in this country and across the world - and this last trip was one of the best experiences yet.

The Kinondo Retreat was everything which you promised, and more. The peace and quiet were wonderful [readjusting to life back home is the only problem!], great food and drink, wonderful birds and other wildlife, both in the garden and on the beach; the escorted visits to the sacred forest, local hamlets and the school very interesting...Most of all, though, was the quality of the staff. Each and everyone was so kind, friendly..good sense of humour, too. We even visited an African church and homes.

The safari was also very good.

We would the whole experience, without reservation, to anyone. And thank you for a great holiday.